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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Your body is built by the foods you eat

Your body is built by the foods you eat. It is therefore obvious that healthy diets are one of the most important conditions for health.

What diet you choose makes a difference. A big difference.

Causes of death in our part of the world
The population in many developing countries suffer from diseases, such as is caused by poor hygiene, bad environmental conditions or a variety of deficiency diseases due to inadequate nutrition.

In our civilized world people mainly die of chronic degenerative diseases. Atherosclerosis and the associated heart attacks and strokes are responsible for around half of all deaths. Cancer is responsible for about 25% of all deaths. Diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, etc. are also to blame for many people's untimely death.

What have all these modes just in case? They are caused by or affected greatly by the choices we make regarding the food we eat — with regard to what we will and will not come in your mouth.

Much of the food we eat contains calories from sugar, sweeteners, fats and refined flour. -Foods that lacks the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that the body needs in order to use those calories for fuel. As a result, the body had to draw on its reserves of stored nutrients. In this way, the drained body's depots, and which develop deficiency symptoms and illnesses.

Many population studies have shown that in areas where the population is mainly eat unrefined plant foods, exists the degenerative diseases, who knows the draw our modern society, not literally.

We are exposed all the time for a wide range of temptation. Unfortunately, there is much that tastes good without it promotes the health of the reason. Many foods have been produced to appeal to your innate – and dedicated – a taste for sweet, salty and fatty. In nature, these are rare, but in our industrialized world there is an abundance of calorie rich and/or stimulating food. Therefore contains the diet, as most people are eating too many calories and harmful substances in relation to the beneficial nutrients. Read about the ideal diet here.

Protective and healing diet
Fruit and vegetables contain important ingredients which helps to protect the body and, in some cases, helps the body to stay sane (by providing the necessary nutrients). These are:

Only by eating large quantities of many different, natural unrefined fruits and vegetables we will ensure adequate amounts of these components, which are so important for optimal health.

General order of food value
(degree of health).
Fruit and vegetables
Nuts and seeds (if in small/moderate quantities)
Legumes (beans and peas)
Cereal products (unrefined)
Products of animal origin, as it is best to exclude or only consume in small quantities of:

Milk and dairy products
Fruit, vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds, they are healthy foods. The greater part of your diet consists of plant foods the better.

The greater part of your diet consisting of raw foods, the better.

Organic products are better than traditionally cultivated.

If you consume animal products, so only minimal amounts of intake and preferably only organic. Read more about healthy diet here.


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