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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thestorehouseproject diet principles:

Healthy diet, calories and weight loss
Healthy food, with not too many calories, is of paramount importance if you want to lose you. If you are overweight, it is because we are eating more calories than the body needs. So when you need to lose weight, you must eat fewer calories than the body needs, so it goes in and eats away at the extra energy deposits, as is your extra fat mass.

Thestorehouseproject  diet principles:
• That you get a lot of vegetables
• The fiber content of the diet is high
• Quantities isn't too big
• That you are getting enough protein
• That you choose fats wisely and like in a good quality

Healthy and slimming recipes
We have numerous healthy recipes prepared by our Dietitians that could usefully be included in your diet plan. The recipes are carefully assembled after thestorehouseproject diet principles and taking into account the fact that there are fibers and protein enough and not too many calories.

All our recipes have an energy calculation. This means that thestorehouseproject Dietitians have figured out how many calories, fats, dietary fiber and proteins that are in the right. It is a great help when you have to introduce the sleek food in its records.

Find healthy and delicious recipes in our large recipe archive

"Personal diet plan
Thestorehouseproject we prepare a personal, healthy diet plan for you. Diet plan is made by our Dietitians unique to you taking into account your weight, your habits and your desired weight loss. You are even with to determine how the diet plan should look like, and you and your dietitian can constantly adapt in line with the fact that your weight loss develops. the flexible system means that you constantly feel that the diet plan follows you, your weight loss and your life."


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