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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine
For many years since I studied everything I could dust off up on natural remedies.

At the clinic was shelves filled up with almost all the herbal preparations which could be provided in the United kingdom ... and a little more.

Since many got it better, I was one of the warmest advocates of natural medicine, and wrote half a hundred articles on the subject.

Gradually it dawned on me that the effect is usually only temporary.

Many health conscious people feel resistance against taking the medicine. Instead, they use as herbal medicine against various ailments and diseases.

But ...

Is natural medicine a good solution?
Many extraction and extracts from the herb causes the body to react in one way or another. The effect is powerful enough, to symptoms or disease course is changing, we call it natural remedies.

Natural medicine works because it contains "medical" substances-in much the same way as the medicine you buy at the pharmacy.

Fewer side effects, admittedly – and in other ways more secure than synthetic medications – yet.

The patient was not ill because he lacked the medical substances, such as herbal remedy contains.

It was not lack of echinacea (widely used herbal remedies), who got the nose to run. That echinacea can cause the nose to run less a little faster, makes both patients and therapists happy.

What they overlook is that natural remedies also have side effects! The side effects may be weak or easy for the body to cope with. Perhaps you did not notice the negative effects that come with, but they are there.

In principle, all medical substances, which causes the body to react, also have side effects. The more powerful effect, the more powerful side effects.

Natural medicine contains (usually) are not substances that the body is biologically adapted. It is foreign substances to the body, as it often reacts against it.

(Incidentally, it is usually the body's reaction against the medical substances that make up both the effect and side-effect).

Medical substances can in some cases prevent body gets the opportunity to complete a disease process (read the healing process).

The disease returning back or degenerating later in other ways.

There are exceptions. The preparations containing nutrients is beneficial (i.e. the substances that the body is biologically adapted, which is known for the body, which performs a natural function of the body).

Blueberries are healthy. Blueberry extract may benefit the circulatory system, sight, etc. But here it is a nutrient that the body knows and has the benefit of.

There are many examples of the kind of good and beneficial products. Almost everything you can eat, and which body has the benefit of as food, in concentrated form can benefit in different situations.

Supplements containing amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, phytochemicals, or anything else, as the body is biologically adapted to, and which have a nutritional importance, can in many cases be beneficial to ingest.

Content of the "medical" substances (no matter how good an effect they attributed to), you should, however, be on guard and usually completely avoid.

Natural remedies can in some cases be very good when it is used as a substitute for a more risky medical treatment, but the most important thing is to provide the best conditions for the body's healing processes.

Many drink herbal tea in order to strengthen certain organs, relieve the symptoms, prevent diseases, in order to relax, sleep, fatigue, etc.

Just remember that ...

Many herbs contain medicinal substances
Most samples of herbs or other natural remedies, because they rightly are worried by modern medicine.

Paradoxically, contains herbal medicine the same or similar medical substances contained in modern medicine. Usually in the much milder form and after all more natural than the drugs that are produced synthetically in a laboratory.

But we do not come around that medicine and herbalism is not nearly as different as most people think.

When drug companies producing medications, they usually only discovered the substance and its effect in herbs. Then produced the chemical pathway in concentrated form.

Extraction from known and especially lesser-known plant constituents has been recommended in the treatment of various diseases, in a degree so that any illness could be cured of certain herbs seem to be.

The more innocent herbs such as Chamomile or dandelions, is probably harmless in moderation, but this cannot be said of several of the more exotic herbs used.

There is a lack of much research in the field, but are discovered and described consistently side-effects from the consumption of such herbs.

In many cases, experienced a positive effect of natural medicine, but that an active substance may eliminate a disease symptom does not necessarily mean that it is good for health.

In the longer term, the use of certain medicinal plants help to weaken and poison the body, even if the immediate effect is invigorating, calming or soothing!

The question is ...

Are natural remedies natural for the body?
Although many herbs and other forms of natural medicine is said to be natural, they are not necessarily natural to the body.

The body is biologically adapted to:

Fresh air
The active "medical" substances in herbs are usually not nutrients that the body is biologically adapted.

The body often sees them as invaders, and react against them. it is precisely this reaction against the "medical" constituents that make up the effect and side effect.

The most "active" are generally the most dangerous!

Contrary to what most people think, nature has no drugs against the disease. The healing power is inherent in the living organism.

Medicine that works — and thus is able to change a natural disease process — is in the long term detrimental to health. The same is true for active herbs.

Not only that ...

Certain medicinal plants can poison the body
Herbal bath, herbal tea, herbal poultices, herbal remedies, etc. can be distinguished in many situations, but it is a serious mistake, if you think that they cannot cause side effects (adverse effects).

When a person becomes ill, the question is not only whether he/she must select a traditional or alternative medicine/treatment.

There are three options:

Traditional medicine and treatment
Alternative medicine or treatment
No medication or treatment, but the removal of the cause and the provision of better living conditions.
Contrary to what most people think, is the third choice — which Nomedica represents — often the safest and best solution.

In case of illness, the majority of a strong desire to find and start a treatment or cure, but ...

The best choice is often to avoid medication and treatment
It can be excellent to receive treatment in the event of sickness ... but it can also make matters worse.

The body's healing abilities are the result of millions of years of development. It is therefore a natural ability in any organism, to make the most appropriate during illness.

Any treatment or medication that interferes with the body's inherent capacity for healing, will weaken health — even if there is an immediate relief!

Given the possibility of it, will the body heal itself.

In certain cases it is advantageous to take natural remedies or receive treatment, but it is rarely a good idea to experiment on their own.

And if you finally will be treated for symptoms and diseases, it is generally safer to choose alternative therapies and herbal remedies, rather than prescription drugs and other traditional treatment. But talk is always with your doctor first and get his acceptance, you may get. trying to replace prescription drugs with natural remedies.

What you can do about illnesses and disabilities
You are experiencing symptoms or problems with health, then rate, what you can do to support the body's self-healing processes — how you can improve your diet, your lifestyle, your living conditions, etc.
And be consistent with to make the necessary changes.
Intake only those supplements and preparations containing the nutrients and the like, that the body needs. Keep yourself from new "miracle products" — especially if they are not approved by the Danish Medicines Agency (a permit is no guarantee of efficacy or safety, but does the effects and side effects is so well documented that preparation can be registered)
You can use homeopathic remedies, if you wish (they are without real medical substances, since they are diluted a million times or more)
Consider using mild natural products in shorter periods of time when they can replace more dangerous medications (talk to your doctor)
Health occurs by removing the cause of the disease and to provide the best living conditions (not just by taking one or other preparation).


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