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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Suggestions for sensible snacking

 Eating between meals is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, since the little snack helps to maintain a stable blood sugar levels. Without a stable blood sugar we lose concentration and will be irritable, or render down in kiosk after a Snickers. Now, of course, also be a Snickers a between meal – it's just not a particularly healthy one at that. In this article we will focus on the good and healthy snacking which gives us increased well-being in both body and mind.

Eat 6 meals a day – or 3 between meals

You have probably heard the song a million times before. Eat smaller portions more frequently. But why is it so important to eat between meals and why you can't just eat one large meal per day?

The answer is stored in the body's mechanism. The body is simply not designed to be able to manage energy over a full 24 hours. The longer that goes between our meals, the more fall body præstastionsevne. This is true for both physical activities and brain activities. That is to say, that if we will feel ourselves on top we need to evenly to manage the food we consume.

When the body does not have been fueled for a long time decreases blood sugar and we will be blunt, physically weak,  or directly uncomfortable. You are gone "sugar cold". At this point, you are easily prone to eat things that are quickly absorbable, such as candy, soda, juice or white bread. It feels as if this is what the body needs. But it is so entirely that you have denied the body's hunger signals for a longer period of time.

You have a very sweet tooth, it is doubly important that you eat good healthy snacking, in order to avoid the desire arises. The healthy snacking makes it easier to keep the weight, because snacking counteracts the great hunger, overeating and cravings for unhealthy snacks.

A healthy snack can consist of fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread or milk products. Portions must be small in size and should only just put your worst hunger –

Healthy and easy snacking:

Avocado with cottage cheese and herb salt
Coarse crispbread with skinny peanut butter and slices of cucumber or lean meats
Grøntsagsstave with homemade dip (carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, sugar peas)
A small handful of nuts
A banana blended with frozen berries
All kinds of fresh fruits and berries
Fruit salad with low-fat sour milk product touched together with slightly desiccated coconut or vanilla sugar.
A small portion of lean soured milk product with a little muesli, fruit or berries on top.
Homemade smoothie
The bad snacking, you must of course avoid on a daily basis. It is okay to eat these things occasionally on special occasions, but they hear no place in a healthy lifestyle.

Never eat the unhealthy snack such as:

All kinds of sweets
Biscuits (unless they are coarse and low-fat)
White bread
Juice or smoothies containing added sugar
Chocolate and chocolate just
Dried fruit (contains much sugar. A small portion can be okay)
Healthy snacking is the way to more energy, better health and a slimmer body. You just need to incorporate a single snack between your three main meals. Then came into the fray and eat healthy snacks – it pays!

The most important thing about between meals is that they must be easy and keep blood sugar levels stable. Therefore, you must aim for hitting 150-200 calories in a snack and it is an excellent opportunity to have eaten some of the day's fruit and vegetables!


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