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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Avoid stimulants

Avoid stimulants
Many use coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, candy or anything else that immediately stimulates and speeds up, when they are tired or worn out. In fact they need healthier diets, more exercise, better sleep — or anything else in a natural way to build up health and vitality.

Stimulants may immediately make you feel more comfortable, because they consume on the body's energy reserves or removes the withdrawal symptoms, but they will often cover up an underlying fatigue.

Stimulants can for example include:

Tea (including herbal tea)
Sugar and sweets
Cola and other soft drinks
Licorice – especially strong or salted licorice
Salt and salty foods, salted puffs, etc.
Strong spices
Ginseng, Russian mess or other stimulant natural products
Certain unhealthy foods — such as fast food, which is stuffed with sugar, fat and/or salt
A constant consumption of stimulants in the longer term will cause problems with health and vitality. It is therefore important to avoid or only consume a minimum of stimulants. In case of illness, it is often necessary to completely avoid stimulants.

When you stop taking stimulants, you probably can't help but feel more tired, irritable or uncomfortable in a short period of time. But after a time of increased fatigue and withdrawal symptoms you will experience increased well-being, more energy, fewer sick days and a better feeling throughout the body.

When you have the urge to stimulate the body with coffee, sweets, salt, etc. so be aware of why you need to become textbook up.

Are you stressed out? You sleep for a bit? Do you eat for unhealthy?

Do something about the reasons why you are tired, worn out, exhausted or just not entirely on marks, instead of just taking stimulants.

Do you have a hard time getting away from stimulants, and do you find it hard to take you along to change your habits, it may be a good idea to bet on, first and foremost, to improve your sleep habits.

You sleep well and enough, you're also more obvious to make other changes in your lifestyle. You have such as less desire for stimulants and more desire for exercise.

One of the best advice, when you want to improve your health, therefore, is to get enough and good night sleep...


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