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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Get enough sun and fresh air

Get enough sun and fresh air
Light and sunshine makes mood better and enhances your resilience

The Sun's rays are important for health and well-being. Sunbeams strengthens your resilience, ensuring the supply of D-vitamins, promotes good hormone balance and has other health-promoting properties.

Because it is not always easy to get sufficient sunshine here up North, we should particularly make sure enough sun, when opportunity presents itself.

It is not just the sunshine that benefit your health, but also commonly daylight.

Try as far as possible to be up and active, when the Sun and daylight dominates, and go to bed early and slept where, during the period of darkness dominates
In winter, it is still possible to get a certain amount of Sun, for example, through an open window, and on the go – and walks can at least face to be exposed to sunlight
Stay you as much outdoors as it is possible
Avoid strong summer sunshine in the middle of the day. Avoid that the skin becomes red and burned.
Fresh air
Far away from civilization is the air clean because nature clean air. But even though in our days can be considered almost impossible only to inhale the fresh and clean air, we can do a lot to breathe the purest air possible.

Go for a walk in the fresh air every day. Go a little longer when the sun shines. Came up on ½ hour on average every day. Then start to go a little stronger and/or longer, and try to get up on more than half an hour daily on average
Go at the beach or forest whenever possible. You can also do gardening or enjoy outdoor exercise or sport
Air thoroughly out of the home at least a few times a day.
When you combine healthy diet with other factors that also strengthens the healing powers of your body, providing you the best possible conditions in order to become and remain fit and healthy.

You might even achieve results, which by many is considered unrealistic – and that will amaze even the most skeptical ... quick without medicine


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