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Saturday, 13 April 2013


As we get older, our vision, we will need more light to be able to view quite sharply, and we are typically not able to focus just as well, as when we were younger.

In order to keep a good vision and healthy eyes, it is important to be aware of any changes in vision and go for regular checks at the optician or eye doctor.

How our eyes with change with time

We depend on our eyes throughout life. At every stage of our life we experience new adventures, all of which are enhanced by our vision. The first major change occurs as the infant, and with age changed completely our eyes sight, because our ability to focus slowly deteriorates because the eye's lens becomes less flexible. It is important that you are aware of changes in vision, and even proactively get his eyes examined, in order to maintain good vision and healthy eyes.


A baby is born with the eye structures is necessary in order to be able to view, but for it to succeed, the baby first learn how these should work together. The ability to focus and view colors typically occurs at the age of four to five months, and around the four to six months the baby will learn eye-hand coordination. Over the next six months the baby develops, among other things, the ability to judge depth, and within the first two years of life develops baby properties as an example Visual memory.


The eye continues to evolve through childhood, and you should be aware of your child's vision. good vision is essential for how your child is doing in the classroom, on the playground, to sport and when doing homework at home.

Children usually do not complain of vision problems, since they think they see what everyone else sees. it is therefore important that you as parents are aware of whether your child goes around with an undetected vision problem.

It is a good idea to let your child go through a Visual check with a qualified health care professional before it starts in school, or as soon as you suspect that there may be something wrong with the sight. The sooner a vision problem is detected, the sooner the child will be able to get help.

Has your child a good vision?


The sight is stabilized during the teenage years, typically as the sight and the eyes are fully developed. Nevertheless, it is important to have regular eye examinations in order to be able to detect any hidden vision problems or defects. It is also important to be aware of eye safety with teenage children, as many are beginning to cultivate the sport, and the use of contact lenses will be popular.


As we become older, impaired our ability to focus on an object at close range, it can for example be the newspaper. This inevitable condition is called oldman's vision (presbyopia) and typically affects people in their 40s. Symptoms of old man's vision often starts with reading difficulty and trouble seeing the letters on the computer screen.

Causes of old man's vision

When the eye must see something up close, such as a book or a newspaper, it is necessary to focus in order to be able to see sharply. This focus is called accommodation and get the eye's lens to curvy in order to adapt to the distance. When you are halfway through life loses eye lenses and ring muscle their elasticity. This means that the eye no longer can automatically adapt to different distances and the ability to focus disappears gradually.

Old man's vision affects virtually all at some point in life. It is not dangerous and can often be corrected with a spectacle such as a reading glasses.


Older people should get the sight checked regularly and be aware of potential vision problems in order to be able to detect and treat a vision disorder before a possible vision loss occurs.


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