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Saturday, 13 April 2013

The body's immune system

The body's immune system
The biggest health problems of our time is that the world we live in is going farther and farther away from the surroundings, the food and the lifestyle, that the body is biologically adapted too.

The result is a disturbing strain of the body's systems — not least the immune system, which helps to keep us healthy.

Fortunately, you can do a lot yourself.

The body's natural defenses
Your body is constantly exposed to attacks from bacteria, viruses, environmental toxins, etc.

How well your body copes with these attacks depends mainly on how effective your immune system is.

Both your eating habits, your lifestyle, your life and your mental state has a large influence on the body's resilience.

When the body has enough energy and other resources at his disposal are coordinated and controlled the activities of cells, so that the entire body's health and well-being is assured.

Pollution of the body
Unless the toxic substances are constantly removed from the body they will accumulate and cause serious problems. Also harmful micro-organisms to be neutralized or kept in check so as not to do harm.

There are several ways in which the body can become overloaded with waste products. Fx loses and renew the body 300 to 800 billion cells each day, and some of the remains from these exhausted cells must be separated.

The body will also inevitably absorb certain amounts of microbes and toxic substances from the digestive tract, and in some cases be unable to completely neutralize them before they begin to circulate in the blood.

When the body's immune system significantly overstressed and weakens, begins the problems that arise.

How disease may occur
When the body's saturation point with waste substances/toxins are reached — or harmful micro-organisms flourish in excessive extent — try the body to cope with the situation by making an extraordinary effort to overcome the threat. The body diverts its energies and activities to this extraordinary excretion of waste materials and/or the fight against harmful micro-organisms, which manifests as symptoms or diseases. This can take the form of fever, diarrhea, colds or a large number of other ailments. This is why many – but not all – of course, symptoms and signs of disease, the body has put an extraordinary process in time to become/remain brisk.

Reconstruction of health
Changes in dietary habits, lifestyles and living conditions, towards them as the body is biologically adapted, makes it possible for the body to detoxify itself and rebuild health, except in the event of irreparable damage.

In a healthy organism, and under normal circumstances, can the immune system easily cope with harmful microorganisms and harmful substances, without us ever noticing.

The genetic code
Each cell has a program — which we can call the genetic code. This code enables the cell to reproduce themselves exactly. It also makes the cell unable to perform all of its functions with incredible precision.

The cell structure as we know it today, is the result of millions of years of biochemical "experiments" and development. Only the strongest and most suitable Cell types and stucco moulding has survived.

It's a fascinating fact that the microscopic egg cell has all the necessary instructions encoded into, which makes it able to create a fully grown organism.

The genetic code carries with it all the body's accumulated experience and knowledge from billions of years of development.

The body contains an amazingly effective defense against harmful substances — the end result of an evolution that has been as complex and intricate as the development of the body itself.

The question for illnesses and symptoms are not so much the cure or medicine that will help, like how you can cooperate with and strengthen the body's inherent ability to make themselves healthy and fresh.

Confidence in your body's self-healing abilities are very important during illness.

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