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Saturday, 13 April 2013


Your body is built to move at least 10 miles a day, and in many other ways be able to lead a very active and physically demanding life.

Your ancestors had to be physically active in order to survive. In our modern world, we almost don't need physical activity to get food or get from one place to another. We have computers, supermarkets, cars, televisions, etc., which makes life more comfortable – but unfortunately probably also slightly shorter.

Because your body is created for movement, it gives problems if you move too little for a longer period of time. Your body will gradually become weaker and stop functioning as it should. In other words it goes slowly into disrepair.

It is therefore quite natural that a very passive lifestyle will sooner or later cause serious problems and even contribute to life-threatening diseases – such as. bad heart, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.

In the longer term, the exercise many positive effects – both on the health, well-being, mood and weight.

Do what you can to be physically active and move around the body:

Move you enough to be involved in various kinds of activities or exercise
Exercise at the level that suits you, and gradually increase the effort. Start e.g. with a go – or jog at a few kilometers per day and increase gradually the efforts
Do what you can to get up on a half to a whole hour of physical activity/exercise every day
During acute illness, or if you are very tired, must exercise be moderate — for example, limited to non-strenuous walks in nature or similar.
Two other important conditions for health is enough sun and fresh air


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