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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Being healthy without medication

Did you know that almost all who provide a sufficient effort, can be healthy or get that much better – even if they have suffered from ailments, symptoms or diseases for years?

Genuine healing – as opposed to relieving/suppressing symptoms with medication — is often a slow process. You rarely achieves immediate relief, as is often the case with medicine, but the problem with drugs is that it can help to prevent healing.

You must, among other things. have enough self-discipline to through the weeks and months to improve your habits and living conditions, before the positive results are stable.

It is mostly about to implement radical changes, as described on these pages:
1) Eat you healthier
2) avoid stimulants
3) Slept well
4) exercise
5) get enough sun and fresh air

There are many other factors in life that affect your health, such as stress, work environment, emotional problems and much more – but when you implement the above changes, it is also to improve other factors, or at least give you the profits you need to change and improve other things in your life.

Any positive change is a step in the right direction, but when the purpose is to be cured of ailments and diseases – particularly in the case of chronic, serious, or even "incurable" diseases – it is usually not enough to implement the moderate changes. It is, for example, rarely enough to eat a little more fruit and vegetables, reduce the consumption of coffee and grow a little more exercise.

It is the extensive improvements in your diet, lifestyle and living conditions, which can provide significant improvement or even "miraculous" healing.

Moderate changes are of course valuable, but usually nowhere near enough, if the problem fx is high blood pressure, too much cholesterol in the blood, arthritis, atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, migraine, asthma ... or any of the other serious diseases that quite unnecessarily plagues so many.

If your purpose is to achieve substantial relief, or completely get rid of severe or prolonged symptoms or diseases, must you also be prepared, that it requires a lot of you.

On the other hand, you are probably ample rewarded for your efforts, if you go about it all right.

he biggest job has always been to convince the sick people that medicine and cures are not the solution!

We are so accustomed to seek relief, when we are sick, rather than changing the habits and conditions, which is why our sufferings.

You'll get no health by choosing treatments and medications as convenient shortcuts for relief. It is by providing a personal and wholehearted effort, you have the biggest chances to regain health and vitality.

Some of the above reports may give you the impression that you can achieve wonders in a short time, but it is rarely easy to change the factors that weaken health and at the same time introduce the best dietary and living habits. It requires both knowledge and patience.

You will be rewarded for your efforts, but it all will not be served on a silver platter. The results described above, a reward for completing extensive improvements in habits and living conditions.


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