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Saturday, 13 April 2013

What you should eat in a healthy diet

 The diet we consume affects both our physical and mental health. In order to be at the top as far as energy and could predict life's challenges, we need to give our bodies and our brains the nutrition it needs. Healthy eating can be many things – it depends on our individual needs. However, we have all some basic needs that must be met for the body can function optimally. On this page you can find advice, guidance and healthy recipes.

What is healthy food? A healthy diet is a diet that gives the body what it needs!

Protein – the body's building blocks. Proteins are chains of amino acids that are exploited for the formation of proteins in all body organs – and in addition to the formation of a wide range of other substances which are necessary for the organism. In the absence of protein decreases muscle energy supply and the brain missing signal substances.
Carbohydrates – the body's fuel. Carbohydrates are most bodies preferred source of energy. They are necessary for the body's energy metabolism to function optimally and utilizing dietary content of fat and protein. Carbohydrate is insert important for athletes since it gives energy to the muscles.
Fat – the essential fatty acid is necessary for the body to function. Fat, - and so is necessary in order to absorb vital fat-soluble vitamins.
Vitamins – today we have knowledge of 13 different vitamins, which are essential for us. They are found in both plant and animal life and all have each different necessary functions in the body. Vitamins are vital. That is why a healthy food varied food.
Minerals – substances which either helps the vitamins working or is a kind of building blocks of the body, for example. for bones and teeth. There are 10 different necessary minerals.
Dietary fiber – food with a high content of dietary fiber saturates the well and helps to regulate our blood sugar and appetite. Dietary fibres important function is to bind the food together and give the entire digestive process the speed that is optimal in order to pull nutrients out of the food and into the bloodstream. Dietary fiber is in addition to counteract the cholesterol that is bad for you. Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet.
Water – is vital and helps with the absorption of nutrients and cleansing of accumulated toxins in the body.
A healthy diet is therefore first and foremost a diet is varied and includes all the things the body needs. We often eat the same, it is difficult to get all the vital vitamins and minerals.

On this page you will find healthy recipes which are easy to be part of a healthy lifestyle. In order to make it manageable has since divided into different groups. It is not completely no matter what you eat at certain times:

is the day's main meal, which is the base get how you have it throughout the day. You can find good advice on how to put together a good and healthy breakfast and find examples of recipes here.

The Lunch
can sometimes be difficult, for example, if you are at work, but in the section about the lunch you will find tips for how you can easily put together healthy meals as lunch.

often eaten late in the day and it is therefore important that you do not eat too much for this meal. In the section on dinner, you can read a little about what is important when you need to put together a reasonable evening meal.

Between Meals
is also an important part of a healthy diet. In this section you can find tips for good snacking and read a little bit about what you must avoid. Healthy diet is the way to well-being.


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