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Saturday, 13 April 2013

How to get healthy

When health begins to fail, it is high time that you:

1. Analyze your whole life

2. make the necessary changes

It is precisely to understand and recognize the factors that affect your health, and by implementing the necessary changes, that you will be able to regain your health and vitality.

It is not easy for anyone, but here's a little report that shows that a wholehearted effort is rewarded ...

"Even as a 10-year-old, I started to get nervous pills (Bellergal 3 times daily). As 22-year-old I got epilepsy and would have Fenemal 300 mg 3 times daily. As a 25-year-old I got asthma and bronchitis, and got pills, which I do not remember the name of, I was now perched on the 9 pills a day. As 30-year-old I got fluid in the body and should therefore have diuretic pills (Furix 40 mg 3 times daily).
Since I got gout and got 500 mg Nap twice a day. My asthma and bronchitis got worse, and I had to have spray next to the pills.

I am now 49 years, and until I for 4 months ago first time came with John Buhl, I took 16 pills daily and 2 different spray a ' 8 puffs daily, what you can say is a big mouthful! After my first visit to the clinic, I began slowly to stair medicine down and-in consultation with John Buhl-to lay my diet though.

Today, 4 months later, I am completely drug free, and I have never had it so good as now!

Just think, in 39 years, I have taken medication every day, and yet I'm now completely drug free! I no longer have problems with the nerves, no seizures, I can walk up stairs without losing your breath, yes even my asthma and bronchitis is gone! "

Brian M

I'm trying just to convince you of how much you can do yourself for better health.

It's all about, learning how best to support and cooperate with your body's inherent and unique ability to heal.

No pills, therapies or doctor can do the work for you ... Yes, in many cases, make medicines, cures or treatment even hurt worse.

Medicine and natural remedies can in some cases provide relief, and in rare cases, be necessary for a period of time, but it is by providing the right conditions for health, that it occurs.

The following pages is a brief review of the most important factors, which have influence on your health. When you're working, patiently and consistently focused on living your life according to these relatively simple principles and guidelines, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Let's start with the most important ... for your diet > > >


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